International Symposium on

Deep Earth Exploration and Practices



Deep Earth exploration is a multidisciplinary, complex undertaking that aims to understand the structure, dynamics and evolution of Earth’s continents and their margins. Earth is unique because of the presence of both liquid water and mobile tectonic plates as well as life on and in its crust. Interactions between of the tectonic plates have produced the continents and ocean basins that distinguish our planet and the mineral and fossil fuel resources that support our standard of living. Active tectonic processes are also responsible for devastrating hazards such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and they control Earth's surface topography, which fundamentally affect the climate, environment and our modern life. Therefore, to study the lithopshere and deeper interior of Earth and to gain fundamental insights into how Earth operates is of common interest to geoscientists worldwide.

SinoPrope is one of the great programs in this field which has been funded by the Chinese Govement with unprecedented scope and scientific ambition. The overall aim of SinoProbe is to take a multidisciplinary approach in studying the composition, structure and evolution of the continental lithosphere of the Chinese continent. SinoProbe-I was launched in 2008 as the initial phase of SinoProbe. In 2016, it was followed by the ongoing program on Deep Resources Exploration and Advanced Mining (DREAM). SinoProbe-II will begin in the coming years. SinoProbe-I provided researchers with rich data sets to image, sample and monitor the continent and underlying mantle at a resolution never before attempted. It outlined a wide range of exciting scientific research directions to be explored in the coming decade, enabled the scientists to make important breakthroughs and discoveries, and answer or pose outstanding questions.

In November 2011, an International Symposium on Deep Exploration into the Lithsosphere (ISDEL) was held in Beijing. Nearly 300 geophysicists and geologists from the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and China attended this meeting. Some of these were principal and co-principal investigators of international deep exploration projects such as COCORP and EarthScope of the United States, LithoProbe of Canada, AGCRC of Australia, DECORP of Germany, and CROP of Italy. For the International Symposium on Deep Earth Exploration and Practices (DEEP-2018), emphasis will not only be on updated progress of SinoProbe–I, but will also focus on recent research on the lithosphere across the world. The meeting will serve as a forum where participants exchange ideas on progress in deep exploration of the lithosphere, better understand deep processes in Earth, expand the new knowledge into practical applications, consider the future and promote international collaboration on deep exploration of Earth. DEEP-2018 will offer an unprecedented opportunity for international collaboration within the earth sciences. It will also be a good time to introduce SinoProbe-Ⅱ, the new proposal and deployment as part of the ambitious Chinese National Scientific Program until 2030.

Important Dates

1 April 2018,

Start on-line registration and abstract submission.

1 May 2018,

Delivering the 2nd Circular.

1 August 2018,

End of application for financial support and pre-registration for field trip.

1 September 2018,

End of abstract submission and field trip sign up.

20 September 2018,

Delivering the 3rd Circular.

10 October 2018,

Delivering the Scientific Programme online.