International Symposium on

Deep Earth Exploration and Practices


Registrants who are not entitled to visa exemption by agreement between China and the country in concern should hold valid passports and contact their travel agent or the Chinese Embassy, Consulate or other representative agency in their country or region regarding the need for visas to enter the People's Republic of China.  

Visa Application
To apply for visas, registrants may be requested by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate to submit a letter of invitation. If you need an invitation letter, please send us the following information including you and your accompanying members' as soon as possible to If you only need the invitation letter for yourself, the on-line registration tool for the application submission is perferable. 

      1, Full name (family name, given name and others in that order) used in your passport.
      2, Birth date (day/month/year).
      3, Nationality.
      4, Name of your institution and your position there.
      5, Address, phone number, fax number, E-mail, etc
      6, Passport number.
      7, City where you will apply for visa (Embassy/ Consulate)

2018 DEEP-2018 Draft Program