International Symposium on

Deep Earth Exploration and Practices

Service Information

Conference Service Information

Please turn off your mobile phones and other electronic devices during the conference or set them to silent mode.
Please do not smoke in the conference hall and dining room.


Use the online Registration ID with the copy of your payment receipt or your own certificate to register. Documents and conference material bags will be distributed during registration time.


The Beijing Xiyuan Hotel is the meeting place, and most delegates live in this hotel. It is located 600 m from the Beijing Zoo Subway Station (Line 4). The Xiyuan Hotel offers accommodation in the Haidian District.

Address: No.1 Sanlihe Road, Hai Dian, 100044 Beijing, China

Tel: 0086-10-68313388


From Beijing Capital International Airport:

  • Taxi (direct to XIYUAN hotel).
    Distance: 28 km. Duration: around 50 minutes. Cost: about 150 RMB.
  • Airport Shuttle Line 4 (direction Gongzhufen, stop Zizhu Bridge) + Taxi (direct to XIYUAN hotel).


  • 约28公里;出租车需要约50分钟;机场巴士4号线,紫竹院上/下车后,换乘出租车约10分钟(起步价)。


  • 北京站:约13公里;出租车需要约40分钟;地铁:出站D西南口进乘2号线至西直门换乘4号线动物园站下车,D口出站步行5分钟。
  • 北京西站:约6公里;出租车需要约20分钟;地铁:B西南口进站乘9号线至白石桥南站下车,D出口步行10分钟。
  • 北京南站:约11公里;出租车约40分钟;地铁:D西南口进站乘4号线至动物园站下车,D出口步行约5分钟。
  • 北京北站:约3公里,出租车约8分钟,步行约30分钟。

Registration & Service Desk

The Registration Service Center provides delegates and journalists with consultations and service related to the conference. It is responsible for the service of workshop & meeting registration, online registration, on-site payment, badge issue, lost and found, return tickets, field trip registration and other issues.

  • Opening time:
    23 October 23 08:00-22:00
    24 October 24 08:00-18:30
    25-26 October 8:00-16:30
    27 October 07:30-11:30
  • Location: Lobby, Xiyuan Hotel
  • Contact Persons:
    Wang Siqi, Email:, Tel: 13810528621
    Yuan Lulu, Email:, Tel: 15210989761
    Zhao Tian, Email: , Tel: 18810549069
    Jin Kemo, Email: , Tel: 18601355780
  • 财务电话:
    徐 燕,邮箱, 电话:010-68999330, 15801580726
    Wen Jun, Email:, Tel: 010-68999629
    孟宪辉,邮箱, 电话:010-68999629

Host Program Reimbursement Office

Providing reimbursement service to international conveners, foreign invited speakers or keynote speakers who received a confirmation letter of financial support from the Scientific Committee of DEEP-2018. The office is located in the VIP room of Hongyun Meeting Room of Xiyuan Hotel. Opening time: 12:30-17:00, October 23-24.

  • Contact Persons:
    Li Wei, Email:, Tel: +86-13811495912, +86-(10)-68329619
    Situ Yu, Email:, Tel: +86-13488709275
    Wen Jun, Email:, Tel: +86-(10)-68999629


All participants are requested to wear the badge throughout the conference. Only badge holders will be admitted to the sessions and dining rooms. If you lost your badge, please turn to Registration & Service Desk to get a new one.

Dress Code

Attending the conference and banquet, please wear a formal dress;
Attending outdoor activities or field trip, casual clothes is suitable.


Buffet breakfast is served to residents daily at the hotel. The on-site restaurant offers authentic local dishes.

Villa Restaurant 养怡园食府

DEEP-2018 Lunch Buffet & Ice Break Place

1st floor of No.2 Building.
Open Hour: 11:30-13:00 17:00-18:30
Phone number :010-51655520-5208

DEEP-2018 Reception Place

26th floor of Main Building.
Open Hour: 11:30-14:30 17:30-21:30
Phone number :010-51655520-12602

Muslim Restaurant 新疆餐厅

1st floor of Main Building
Open Hour: 11:30-14:30 18:00-22:00
Phone number :010-51655520-10126

Chinese Restaurant蓬莱春餐厅

2rd floor of Main Building.
Open Hour: 11:30-14:30 18:00-21:30

Panorama Revolving Restaurant 旋转餐厅

Phone number :010-51655520-10221

Provincial Banquet Room 江南春宴会单间

2rd floor of Main Building.
Open Hour: 11:30-14:30 18:00 -21:30
Phone number :010-51655520-10104,10105

Qiyuan Coffee Shop 咖啡厅

1st floor of Main Building.
Open Hour: 6:30-24:00
Phone number :010-51655520-184


The official conference language is English.
The opening ceremony of the conference will provide simultaneous translation. The languages of simultaneous translation are Chinese and English.

Press Center

If media journalists wish to have interviews with delegates, please send the application to Mr. Ma Yan, director of Press Center, Email:, Tel: 13801238122. Or find the Press Center contact persons on Registration & Service Desk for appointment. The Press Center will contact the delegates for the journalists during the meeting.


During the conference, the Committee provides transportation services for delegates and journalists, including airport shuttle and downtown round-trip. The cost of car rental will be your own responsibility.


Hotel rooms will offer free access to the internet through hotel WiFi.
Public Area: Wireless Network
Rooms: Wired and Wireless Network
Conference Room: Wired and Wireless Network
Connect to WIFI:
If you have a Chinese mobile phone number, follow the steps below:

  • Choose WIFI named “Xiyuan Hotel”
  • Input the graphic verification code, phone number and the last 6 numbers of ID card/Passport on the pop-up login interface
  • Click “send message”, then input the message code sent to you phone
  • Click “Login”
If you do not have a Chinese mobile phone number, please call the front door and the assistant manager would be pleased to help you.


The area code of Chengdu, China is 86-010. When you check in and pay the deposit, you can open the DDD (Domestic Direct Dialing) of China and IDD (International Direct Dialing). The extra cost will be at your own expense. Please refer to the hotel service guide for the concrete content.


Beijing has a very comfortable climate in October. Sunny weather all day during the conference with temperature ranging from 9°C at night to 19° C at mid-day, sometimes with a slight breeze.

Currency/ Credit cards

The official currency is Renminbi (RMB). The exchange rate is based on the rate of the People’s Bank of China that day. International currency and traveler’s cheques can be exchanged at hotels. Major credit cards (Visa, Master Card and others) are accepted at hotels.


Electrical voltage in China is 220 volts. Chinese electrical plugs are two-phase and three-phase.

Emergency phone numbers

Police 110
Ambulance/ Fire brigade 119

Return Flight

It will take about 60 minutes to Beijing International Airport by taxi. Please arrive 2-3 hours in advance at the airport according to the departure time of your flight.


Please pay much attention to the conference notices so as not to inconvenience you due to schedule changes.

2018 DEEP-2018 Draft Program