International Symposium on

Deep Earth Exploration and Practices

Post-symposium Fieldtrip

Structural Features and Stratigraphy of the Ming Tombs-Yanqing area, Beijing

Date: 27-28 October, 2018

Trip Leaders: Wu Zhenhan, Ma Yinsheng , Zeng Guangge, Trip Assistants: Cheng Shaobo, Ji Changjun, Wang Zengzhen

Brief Introduction:
Fig. 1 ETM image of the northern-western Beijing area

The field trip starts from Beijing City, via the Ming Tombs Reservoir, Deshengkou, the Guanting graben, Longqing Gorge, Yanqing UNESCO Global Geopark, Silicified Woods, Dinosaur Footprints, Wulong Canyon, Badaling Great Wall and ends in Beijing City. The trip route (Stops 1-8) on October 27 (the first day) extends in NW direction, crosses the Archean metamorphic complex and the famous Middle-Late Proterozoic classic section, and passes through the Mesozoic structural-magmatic belt and the Cenozoic basin-and-range system. The major trip route (Stops 10-14) on October 28 (the second day) extends in an EW direction along the Baihe River. Visitors will see the Archean metamorphic rocks of the cratonic basement, Middle-Late Proterozoic stratigraphic systems, Jurassic-Cretaceous granitic complex, Late Jurassic volcanic rocks, Late Jurassic Silicified Woods and Dinosaur Footprints, the Luliangian Movement boundary, Yanshanian thrust, and Himalayan rift and landscape. Visitors will also have a stop at the Ming Tombs Paleomagnetic Station for the seismic reflection profile and drill core across the largest nappe in the northern Tibetan Plateau.


Sign in:All the field trip participants need to sign in at the noon time on the Registration and Service Desk between 24-25 October. Contact person: Dr. Shaobo Chen,, Cell:+86-18810363036; Ji Changjun, Tel:13260010023.

Fig. 2 Route map of the fieldtrip

Day 1:27 October
  • Check out from Beijing Xiyuan Hotel
  • Participants who will return to Xiyuan hotel on Oct 28 can deposit their luggage at the lobby of the Main Building.
08:00-08:30 Loading on the bus.
08:30-11:00 Depart from Xiyuan Hotel to Ming-Tombs.
11:00-17:00 Excursion in the Yanqing area. Lunch in the Paleomagnetic Station.
17:00-19:00 Departure to Zhongyin Hotel. Dinner at the Hotel.

Stops1.Tianchi Reservoir

  • Middle Jurassic Tiaojishan Formation volcanic rocks.
  • Southeast limb of Badaling anticlinorium, a classic section of middle and upper Proterozoic in North China.
  • Ming Tombs (Cultural heritage, UNESCO)

Stops2.Hamashi Thrust

  • Yanshanian Yingbishan-Fengshan thrust fault and nappe structure
  • Middle Jurassic Tiaojishan Formation volcanic rocks and dolomite of middle Proteozoic

Stops3.Dam of the Ming Tombs Reservior

  • Middle Jurassic Tiaojishan Formation volcanic rocks
  • Northeast trending Badaling anticlinorium consisting mainly of Archean high-grade metamorphic rocks
  • Jurassic granitic complex

Stops4.Paleomagnetic Station

  • The seismic reflection profile and drill core across the central Qiangtang petroliferous sequence

Stops5.Deshengkou Bridge

  • The disconformity between the Jixian and Changcheng System

Stops6.Northwestern Deshengkou

  • Sandstone with tipple marks and cross-bedding of the Chuangzhougou Formation, Changcheng System
  • Luliang Movement boundary between the Changzhougou Formation and Archean metamorphic complex

Stops7.Xi’erdaohe Village / The Great Wall

  • Late Jurassic dacite of Badaling granitic complex
  • Landform of the Yanqing basin

Stops8.South of Longqing Gorge

  • Landscape of faults


Zhongyin Hotel, Qingyuan Street 12, Yanqing Country, Beijing,+86 010-69172020, 69171701

Fig. 3 Regional geological map of Beijing area and location of the Ming Tombs-Yanqing field trip

Day 2:28 October
08:00-08:30 Check out from Zhongyin Hotel and loading on the bus
08:30-16:00 Field trip in the Qianjiadian area and in-the-field-lunch.
16:00-18:30 Return to the Beijing Xiyuan Hotel. Happy Ending


Stops9.Yanqing Geological Museum

  • Exhibition of geologic heritage, characteristic landscapes, natural sceneries and human scenes of the Yanqing UNESCO Global Geopark

Stops10.Baihepu Reservoir

Stops11.Paleomagnetic Station

  • Exhibition of geoheritages as sedimentary structures, silicified woods, dinosaur footprints, karst landscapes and river canyons

Stops12.Dinosaur Footprints

  • Well preserved dinosaur tracks on Upper Jurassic Houcheng Formation purplish red sandstone

Stops13.Wulong Canyon

  • River down-cutting landscape

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