International Symposium on

Deep Earth Exploration and Practices

Pre-Symposium Workshop

Geological Interpretation of Seismic Profiles and Complementary Data

Sponsored by: China Geological Equipment Group Co.,Ltd

Time and Date: 08:55-17:30, 23 October, 2018

Venue: Hong Yun Meeting Room, 4th Floor of Xiyuan Hotel

Morning Session
Chairman: Alfred KRöNER

08:55-09:00 Short announcements
09:00-09:45 John A. PERCIVAL: The Kapuskasing uplift: a deep crust natural laboratory >>PDF
09:45-10:30 John SUPPE: The transition from oceanic to continental subduction, illuminated by multi-scale deep transects of the oblique Taiwan arc-continent collision>>PDF
1030-1045 Coffee/Tea break & Updated Seismic Profiles Review
10:45-11:30 Larry D. BROWN: Pitfalls and Limitations in the Interpretation of Crustal Reflection Profiles>>PDF
11:30-12:00 General discussion on morning presentations
12:00-13:30 Lunch break & Updated Seismic Profiles Review


  • Professor of Geological Survey of Canada
  • Former PM of the Northern Resource Development and Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals Programs
  • Former Head of the Regional Geology and Ore Systems Sections
  • Editorial boards Member of Geology, Precambrian Research and Journal of Metamorphic Geology, etc.

Spearheaded the Pan-Lithoprobe synthesis initiative, assembling scientists and knowledge from the ten Lithoprobe transects, and formulating, writing and co-editing Tectonic Styles in Canada: The Lithoprobe Perspective, a Geological Association of Canada Special Paper. Program Manager of the Northern Resource Development


  • Distinguished Professor, University of Houston
  • Member of National Academy of Science, USA
  • Blair Professor of Geology Emeritus, Princeton University
  • Distinguished Chair Professor, Taiwan University
  • Winner of Career Contribution Award in Structural Geology & Tectonics
  • Humboldt Foundation, the Wilber Cross Medal for distinguished alumni from Yale University, and is a Guggenheim Fellow

John Suppe is a structural geologist with wide experience, including Gulf of Mexico, Niger delta, California, Philippines, Venezuela, Spain, Taiwan, and the Tarim, Junggar and Sichuan basins of China.

Larry D. BROWN

  • Sidney Kaufman Professor in Geophysics, Cornell University
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, Science of Earth Systems, Cornell University
  • Former Director of Graduate Studies, Field of Geological Sciences, Cornell University
  • Former Chair, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University
  • Former Director, Institute for the Study of the Continents
  • Members through IGCP 474 Executive Committee, National Committee of IUGG
  • Co-Chairman of ILP & COILS
  • Editorial Steering Committee of Gondwana Research. Members of Editorial Committee, Acta Geologica Sinica
  • PI of COCORP
  • Initiator and Co-Leader of Project INDEPTH

2010-present: Development of seismic interferometric techniques to extract body waves from ambient seismic “noise” for imaging crustal structure in 3D and 4D. This work has focussed on analysis of various seismic datasets, ranging from crustal scale broadband array recordings to oil exploration 3D datasets to shallow environmental datasets to determine the conditions underwhich useful seismic body waves can be produced from virtual sources. One major focus has been on the use of microearthquake sequences to image crustal c structure. Another has been the use of intershot noise recorded during nodal-style seismic surveys for oil and gas for probing deeper crustal structure.

Afternoon Session
Chairman:Shuwen DONG

13:30-14:00 Hesheng HOU:The relict Paleo Asian Ocean subduction zones within the continental lithosphere: Insights from deep seismic reflection profiles>>PDF
14:00-14:30 Xuanhua Chen: Deep seismic reflection profiles from North Qaidam, through the Qilian Mountains to the North Hexi Corridor>>PDF
14:30-15:00 Yueqiao Zhang: Deep reflection, refraction and broadband seismic profile along the South Line along the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang River>>PDF
15:00-15:30 Coffee/Tea break & Updated Seismic Profiles Review
15:30-17:00 General discussion on updated seismic profiles
(Ron Clowes, Gao Rui, Simon Kelemperer, Walter Mooney, Yin An, Hans Thybo, all the lecturers etc.)


  • Cameras and video equipment including cell-phones are not permitted in the Meeting Room.
  • No presentations should be copied or photographed.
  • Photographs are prohibited on the displayed updated seismic profiles.

2018 DEEP-2018 Draft Program